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Hi there

Hi there I was informed by a friend about this group and just wanted to say hello to everyone.  Yes I am an Eagle scout and it has been quite a journey, well here is how it all began.

I started scouting when I was in first grade as a tiger cub during the fall of 1991.  I think my mom just enrolled me on a whim not really knowing how far this would go or how many people we would meet.   In cub scouts during my elementary years my mom was a den leader.  Since I was the oldest son in my family and no one else on either side of my family had been in scouts before it was a leaning experience for everyone in my family.  
I got my Arrow of light Feb. of 1996 and crossed over into the Troop that year.  
I really loved the troop a lot espacily going to summer camps and even the weekend campouts I just loved camping and being outside.  Here are some of the camps I have been to.

1996- Camp Cornhusker merit badge camp Humbolt, NE

1997- Medicine Mountain Custer, South Dokota in the black hills. 

1998- Boundry Waters Ely, Minniesota/Canada High adventure conneing. Awesome senery I loved it. 
Also Camp Cornhusker.  Spring camperee at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space center was really cool.

1999- Philmont New Mexico near Cimmeron, NM. A High adventure Back packing trip we took the second hardest trek.  We climbed Mt. Baldy it was fun I loved it, but I think it almost killed my dad. 
I was the only one in my Troop to also go to Medicne Mountin camp again that same year in SD.
Our troop  hosted the fall camperee our theme was The Siege of MafeKing
I also did my Order of the Arrow ordeal that same year.

2000- Camp Ben Del tour Colorado merit badge camp.  I really loved the rock climbing that we did down there I wish we could have done more.  I remember the spring camperee was fun, the theme was World of Wheels.  We camped out at a local dirt race track saw some races and did some other automotive themed activites.
I did my brother hood for OA it was fun, but way to easy I think.  

2001- I  anttained my Eagle Scout rank in June of this year.  Went to Lewis and Clark camp in SD.
Spring Campree was Civil War themed learning about history is always cool, plus we had a big water ballon battle at the end.

For my Eagle Scout project which I did in September of 2000, I with 20 other volunteers planted 15 trees at our local Air/Army National Guard base. I like planting trees its something that I can show every one and say I did that for years to come. All my trees are still there!
For anyone out there planning an eagle scout project I say this from experience, if you get turned down from your original idea DON'T GIVE UP!  My project ideas changed many times in the 9 months I started planing to the actual work day.  

In my years as a scout I attained 41 merit badges and got one eagle palm right before I turned 18.

I will say this, it wasen't always a smooth road on my path toward Eagle when I was 12 and 13 I almost got kicked out for being a little rowdy and a pyro lol.(yes we were the flaming arrow patrol)  Sometimes I just wanted to quit, but something in side me kept telling me to be persistent and I also have to thank my parents and scout master for giving me encuragement.  

What did you like best about scouting?  Was it the merit badges?-no  Was it the camping?- Oh this could be a close second but no.  It was the PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  If it wasn't for the countless friends and adults I have met in my life through scouting I would have never made it to Eagle.  I just have to say I have just met absolutely countless numbers of really, really good people out there who have become my life long friends.   Scouting brought so many wonderful memories of the people in my life.  

Oh yes how could I forget I went back to Philmont this summer 2007 as an adult leader with my brothers group.  I have pics if any one wants to see them.    Thank you.
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